Judgement or Zigging?

Are your decisions aligned with what your heart tells you or are you swayed by fear, guilt, or doubt? Are you willing to stand by your decisions even if it sets you and your child apart? Zigging when “everyone else” is zagging does not mean you are judging others; you are simply following what holds true for your family and value system. And don’t let any pushback from other parents make you feel judged. Don’t take on their energy that is questioning themselves.

As Deepak Chopra says, “What people think of me is none of my business.”

But, what you think of yourself is every bit your business! It’s called authentic parenting and guess what? Authentic person = Authentic parent. Try it out. After the initial discomfort, it feels great! And, you know what else? Your child knows in their heart that boundaries and tough decisions are what empower them. We all want the same end goal… for our kids to be happy. But happiness to a teenager is instant gratification. It’s just how they are wired. But, as parents we know better. I suggest that clear value systems provide the ultimate security and happiness. What’s better? Enabled or empowered?