Kimberly Foster enters the YA writing field with a myriad of life experiences and credentials. In her 20’s, Foster co-authored a lively event planning book called, Planning Your High School Reunion–Making it Fun and Easy. She honed in on a pre–internet market of reunion planners and through direct marketing and earnest networking, sold all 2,500 copies; most of which landed in libraries throughout the United States.

Her formal education: B.A. in English Literature from UCLA ‐ 1989, and a Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington ‐ 1999, provided the skill set to write Young Adult fiction. But, it is the teachings outside of the formal classroom that inspired Kimberly to write The Clover Tree. In 1999, the unexpected and premature death of her father sent Kimberly looking for answers. She ended up with a nightstand full of books from the likes of Dyer, Choquette, Hendricks and Van Praagh. This late‐in‐life introduction to concepts like, intuition and manifestation begged the questions, “Why didn’t I learn these truths and coping strategies earlier?” And then, “How do we integrate these ideas into the lives of our teens so they are better equipped to handle life’s challenges?”

With that notion incubating, Kimberly continued her journey: professional stints in direct marketing and advertising, teaching high school Language Arts and most importantly, welcoming two daughters into the world. With teenage daughters and eavesdropping on hundreds of  carpool discussions, the storyline for Clover Tree emerged as the vehicle to share the message she wanted to impart on young readers, “You are the author of your own story. You have the power to manifest your own hopes and dreams!”  

Kimberly continues to ponder these questions as a contributor to the Today ( Parenting community using her teenage daughters’ experiences for inspiration. She also explores concepts to help teens navigate adolescence with the hope of starting fruitful conversations in her blog: Life Tools for Teens.