Good Vibrations!

Emotions! They are the unpredictable feelings of the human experience. Don’t we all want to reside in states of joy, faith, kindness and worthiness instead of their dark shadow selves of depression, fear, unkindness and worthlessness? Of course! But, when we find ourselves heading the wrong way on the scale of human emotions are you aware of it? And better yet, do you have the mindfulness to get to a higher vibration to make decisions or have discussions?

Teens are already navigating emotional landmines in their development. Poising themselves to be independent; yet, occasionally letting us adults back in to help them pick up the pieces of teenage life going awry. When we have this opportunity and we making the most of it? Are we giving them skill sets or information to find a higher vibration of emotion? Thus, offering them a valuable life skill?

Peggy McColl, author of Your Destiny Switch, offers a grid of “The Scale of Human Emotions”. It offers a tangible resource for examining the steps it would take to ascend from “doubt” to “confidence” or “hate” to “love”. It is eye opening to understand the seven emotions that span the journey from low vibration to high vibration emotion. Doesn’t it make sense that you would make a better choice from a state of calm vs. its lowest counterpart, rage?

It’s all about good vibrations!