Hungry for a Soul Pancake?

The synchronicity of life offered up just when I was questioning the format of “life tools for teens”. This humble blog of introducing mind/body/spirit ideas and concepts to teens isn’t really accessing them. I considered re-naming it or offering a tagline of “a forum for teens and their parents” but while the material is rich for discussion, the format it not! Then, along came Soul Pancake: a website, show (on Oprah’s OWN network) and now a book that “Chews on Life’s Big Questions”. Its author (Rainn Wilson of The Office) created a social media format that actually appeals to teens! The graphics are amazing (disclaimer: if you are older than 25, you may get dizzy!). And the goal is hearty; to bring spirituality to a level that young people will understand. Oprah herself called the segment, “artful and thoughtful”. So true.

The community of “ponderers” at can offer up their own musings or tackle such questions like, “What does your soul look like?” or “What do you miss most about being five years old?” Awesome stuff. I may venture in to Soul Pancake with some of my big questions that I truly believe teens and their parents should ponder. You too should go whet your appetite for good conversation.