Even a magical clover can’t make adolescence any easier. Sporty Kate Malone has a powerful ally, full access to a magical clover field. At thirteen, the ability to manifest a pair of designer jeans, an A on a math test, and best yet, a first boyfriend have never been more opportune. Yet Kate’s desire to be popular outweighs the prudent decision to keep her clover field a secret, and she jeopardizes both her popularity and her belief system. Then, in an instant, worrying about sitting at the “cool table” at lunch is overshadowed by tragedy. Kate strays into a teenage world that is tempting and destructive. Will Kate sabotage her soccer aspirations and friendships? Can she use the power of the clover to save herself?

a glimpse into the clover tree...


“From start to finish this story was very enjoyable and filled with a powerful message about creating your own reality during a time when teens especially need this confidence most. I had the privilege of being one of the first people to read it and provide my editing suggestions. It was so well written and flowed effortlessly [so] my job was pretty easy. Kimberly Foster is a very talented writer with a special magical message that she was able to convey to young readers. However, it is refreshing to read that mothers are enjoying the book just as much! Looking forward to a follow-up story so we can hear what Kate is up to now...”

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The Author

Foster at a book signing in Bellevue, WA.

Foster at a book signing in Bellevue, WA.

Kimberly Foster earned degrees from UCLA and the University of Washington, although she admits her formal education was no substitute for real-life experience. As a mother of teenage girls, a proficient carpool listener and passionate storyteller, Kimberly offers her first young adult novel. She lives in Bellevue, Washington. Learn More.

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“My daughter loves Sarah Dessen books and thought this was a new twist. A familiar style with a magical message. She practically read it in one night!”

“A well written and enjoyable story...with a message. Something for teens and adults alike. Looking forward to more from Kimberly Foster.”

“My daughter and her friends love this book! Numerous times throughout the story my daughter would talk with me about how she related to several of the characters. Just like my own children, the characters in The Clover Tree are faced with familiar challenges and triumphs in school, sports, family, and friendships. During these experiences and throughout the chapters of the book, the author introduces a meaningful lesson that people of all ages should/could embrace. I read this book before my daughter and, after she finished, together we used the Interactive Supplement to The Clover Tree to discuss the ways she can actively participate in manifesting her own hopes and dreams. I only wish that I had been introduced to this concept when I was a teen and empowered myself at a younger age! Highly recommend.”

“Kimberly Foster offers detailed and delightful insight into the tribulations and perspectives of a young girl, Kate. Just as Kate finds herself, the author rips away forever the foundation of what Kate knows. The reader is thrown into Kate’s swirling world from where Ms. Foster offers a moving and courageous depiction of the struggle to hold on to your identity and create a new life after tragedy strikes. I found the beginning chapters fun and quick, the conclusion illuminating and engrossing, and feel it would capture the young adult reader from beginning to end – time well spent. I am looking forward to following Kate as she strikes out in the world.”

“I received a copy of The Clover Tree from a friend with teenage grandchildren, [and knowing I too] have young adult grandchildren she recommended I read it and and pass it on to them... What a great book. I loved the story from the first page. The message is so timely for today's youth. I loved how the author used sports as one her vehicles to have Kate create her goals via her clover tree. The interaction of her family throughout the story, at one point, brought tears to my eyes. A great read with a great message for young and old alike. A must read...”

For the first time ever, my 12 year old read 60 pages straight! She loves this book. I can’t wait to read it after she is done.”