What is a Clover Tree? A Clover Tree is a tool for setting goals and creating a life “road map”. The concept is known by other names like a vision board or treasure map. The clover tree metaphor was introduced in the young adult novel, The Clover Tree whereby the main character, Kate, has access to a magical clover field that grants wishes. Kate’s Clover Tree is a powerful ally as she navigates adolescence.

Kim’s presentation style is approachable and engaging. It’s not a lecture, it’s fun!
— Alyssa (mom)

Designed for groups of teens or parent/teen duos, this interactive workshop includes:

  • Approach goal setting using a vision board technique.
  • Discuss the merits of setting goals and considering one’s hopes and dreams (even as a teenager!)
  • Look at goal setting as creating a “life road map”.
  • The process of setting goals: Identify, refine, and develop habits to support them.
  • Think about goals in terms of long term, short term, big and small.
  • Brainstorm a lofty goal. What would it take to get there?
  • Consider a variety of categories from which to set goals: family, academic, physical, etc.
  • Discuss the importance of visualization and gratitude in achieving your goals.
  • Create individual clover tree/vision board to take home.
It was fun to share some of my dreams for myself with my mom.
— Ellie, age 14


As a mother of teenagers and former educator, I am pleased to offer a goal setting and visualization workshop for teens. While the voice inside them tells them to pull away from their parents, setting goals gives them confidence and focus to counteract the unease that accompanies stepping out of childhood. Understanding that they can write their own story gives them a chance to develop a sense of self from the inside out.

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My mom and I both decided to put a cruise on our clover trees. We will work for it together!
— Jayde, age 15

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